About Business Næstved

Business Naestved (Næstved Erhverv) 

Business Næstved is the business development agency in Næstved Municipality which is located 80 kilometers southwest of the Danish capital city, Copenhagen.

Næstved Municipality is with its 82,000 inhabitants the 14th biggest municipality in Denmark and the 2nd biggest in Region Zealand in terms of population and number one in the region in terms of area (681 square kilometers). Half of the municipality’s population lives in the town of Næstved, the rest in the surrounding smaller towns and countryside. Næstved is hosting several educational institutions and public services (hospital, regional police, a district court, harbor and municipal administration).

The business community in Næstved is characterized by a variety of companies and entrepreneurs within different branches. There are big and medium sized industries which manufacture, among other things, glass for food packaging, ventilation systems, medico products, machinery and building materials. Furthermore, Næstved has a strong position in the construction sector, retail trade and as a regional center for banks, auditing companies, and business services.

The local business community has, over the recent years, experienced a positive development with economic growth, more jobs being created and numerous entrepreneurs starting up. For the municipality, it is a top priority to create good conditions for the businesses in terms of access to sufficient labor force, infrastructure and a business-friendly approach to the private sector in the municipal administration.

This is also the context of the establishment of Business Næstved in 2013. The agency provides local companies with the network, business events, guidance and relevant information on a large scale of topics. Business Næstved is established in a collaboration between Næstved Municipality and the local Business Association (Næstved Erhvervsforening). Business Næstved has eight employees.